I got into a fight & I have NO memory of punching him multiple times in the face even if I try to go back to that moment its like it wasn't real why?

So I remember getting into a physical fight with a male when I was 14 ( I do having boxing and karate experience BTW) it all started when he wanted to play fight and i jokingly said ok so I just got up to take of my jacket and all of a sudden he punches me in the mouth. And I tried to ask him why he done that but now he swinging at me and his stance was horriable by the way he was swinging his arms like he was a helicopter trying to take of with his eyes closed. So now I have my hands positioned in my stance head up (my dad always taught me to keep my head up and eyes open I eventually taught myself not to be afraid of a hit ) and I upper cutt him his glasses and hat fly off. so he is swinging and missing so he tries to flip me and thankgod I had strong legs because he had a lot of weight on me so I used all the strength i could while my pants are falling down I positioned my foot in front of his leg and I flipped his body on the ground now were wrestle i rember digging my feet into the ground and pushing him to the ground so I could get on top of him I remeber getting on top after that I can't Remember a thing but after the fight his friend told me I was on top of him punching him in his face more then ten times 👊 and I did indeed won thank God
But Why can't I remeber me hitting him?

His friends face was like he had saw a person get killed and come back to life


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  • We block these things out. Our minds are so powerful they can swich off the memory of a traumatic event. Something in the future may trigger the memory back to life. It was a chance remark, said in all innocence only a few weeks ago, that gave me a flashback to a particularly nasty occurence of bullying. It brought back such an awful memory that I went into a shutdown where I hardly spoke even to my family. It took my sister several days to get me to talk about it. I have now laid that particular demon to rest.

    Now for the others...


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  • Some people black out when they fight and don't realize what they are doing.


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  • Alzheimer?

  • Crazy people can't always remember their frenzies.

    • And How come a sane person can't remember their frenzy then?

    • sane people tend not to get into a frenzy.

    • Well it depends if a person punched them in the face for no reason then I guess that's called for one

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  • Damn , thank God you're not my little sis you might just whip my ass if I tell u to clean ur room

    • All jokes aside , you blacked out.

      It happens and that's when people are the most dangerous.

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    • I get it... he made you snap which is why you blacked out.
      We all have moments we aren't proud of.
      But I bet you one thing,
      He'll never hit you in your face again!

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