I have somewhat of a law questions, can anyone help out?

This guy came onto my property and and rang my doorbell. I did not do anythign and he was on my step. He was enraged about something i wrote but it was true about him. So anyways he started to get really aggresive and yelling and the whole neibourhood could hear. I told him "i will call the police", he said "they won't do anything". My big brother came out and this dude went on his way.

By-Law he connot be on my property correct? and if i call police they will kick him off. If he comes on again will he get arrested? or even if he assualts me?


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  • You can try to file a restraining order against him maybe get the people in your neighbourhood to be witnesses that this person did in fact harass you.

    • that is if he comes again correct?

    • I'd do it before then IF you think he will be back.

    • sure i can try that. I don't know if he will be coming back

  • If you know who the guy is the go to the police station and get a restraining order and this will protect you in the future, also he will get arrested. Without one, it's not likely they may take him in but they probably won't press charges. Bottom line: a restraining order will protect you from any type of abuse from him in the future. If he has any sense, he'll stay away after that.

    • yes i know the guy, his name, house #, licence plate and everything.

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    • Good choice. Lets hope he stays away.

    • yup me too. If he and his "buddies" come. He never said this but in the future... maybe... i will have the police ready. He told me a bad electronic and i put him on blast on facebook. Now he is after me or well... WAS... (i hope it stay that way) cause i sought him out to be a fake.

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