Have you ever saved a user profile pic or a pic they posted on here before?

  • Yep. I save every good looking user pic I see
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  • Sometimes but rarely
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  • I used too but not anymore
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  • I used to but I delted all of the pics I've saved.
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  • Since you brought it up I might start it when I see someone
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  • No but I've thought about it.
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  • Um what the heck? *Thinks someone has saved their pics*
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  • Eww. Do people actually do that 😦

    • Yep they do. It's so fucken creepy!

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    • @lifes_curve_ball

      If you read most of this page you'd see that she's surprised that people do save pictures... but it's really not that shocking

    • @TripleAce - using my being too lazy cause page is TLDR and ctrl+f skills I see the tag appear but once and that's on this opinion. You can't jump from that to say that it was a surprise to see that, that's a reach. Especially given the wording used. Again, chill kid

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