My dog is panting like crazy?

not GAG material but yea...

my dog has been panting like ALL the time and usually its a bit wet around his mouth (not dripping or too much)
he runs, plays, eats, sleeps, barks... etc normal and all

he is a portuguese water dog (a year and a half) and i live in the middle east (very humid in my country)
could be the heat or something else?

he also had this weird bloody lump thing growing near his anushole but we took to the vet and it's like 90% gone now its just healing and hair around it is regrowing and all
could it be it?

im really guessing it's the heat since he usually finds well ventilated places to lay down in and sleeps in places with lots of cool air passing through it and stuff
but im afraid i might be just convincing myself of that to reassure myself... what do you thin? k


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  • I would think it's the heat and humidity doing it , where i live in America the humidity
    gets so bad it can be 70 degrees and feel like 85 + outside that's how bad the humidity
    gets so it does play a role on the dog feeling overheated plus he's playing and stuff that all adds up

    • oh good

      as long as he is not sick or anything its ok and can be easily dealt with lol

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    • awww it just gives them bad smell (smells always come out lol
      it is not harmful or anything hehe

      i usually dont let mine out without a leash too, he might chase a cat and we will never see him again... lol

    • Yeah i agree well my doggie will have a leash because i don't want her to get into anymore accidents
      my cousin can be irresponsible when taking her out so i did upset me

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  • It sound like its just the heat. Does he lay around to much? Does he seem weak? I have french poodles and live in a very humid hot place and its common to see them lay around after being outside and sometimes ill mix gatorade with their water since it has electrolytes and helps to hydrate them and I've also given it to them when they have diarrhea.

    • However if you think it something more serious take him to the vet !! Especially if he doesn't behave as usual since it could mean that he is sick.

    • no he is behaving tottally normal i just noticed the panting has REALLY increased
      so yea its probably heat

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  • Take him to vet.


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