Is this a good way to start a text conversation?

Wanted to text the girl I like to see how she's doing. I had a dream that reminded me of her so I wanted to say something like I had a dream about (a moment we had together) and it just reminded me of (a time we had together). How's it going?

The parentheses will be filled in, I just wanted to spare you the details.
Does this sound too scripted? How does it come off as?


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  • yes its good.


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  • Waddup beyatch?


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  • I would be delighted it's a cute way of letting her know you were thinking about her without saying "I was thinking about you" do it!

    • I sent it to her and she still hasn't responded

    • Lol I hope she didn't take it the wrong way

    • No ur fine if she doesn't like you shed think he's being friendly and if she does like you shed think your flirting so wait and see be patient!

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