Why is wifi signal so bad?

It was better before but the signal now is bad, why?


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  • Technically wifi is only the wireless connection to the server, not the internet connection. The problem could either be in the wireless connection, or it could be the internet connection of the server.

    Are you connecting to the same server from the same exact location? It's possible that even a small change in location or surrounding environment could affect the wireless connection.

    Is this public wifi with other users? It could be a heavy load.

    As someone else asked, are you password protected? Someone could be piggy backing on your signal.

    Has anything changed with the server? Like something causing more of a load on the bandwidth?

    Of course it could also be a hardware problem. That could be on your end or the server either one. That could be caused from normal use over time, heat, impact like dropping your comp, low battery, noisy power supply, some form of interference, broken antennae, etc.

    It could also be software, which is something I'm totally not qualified to talk about.


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  • maybe too many people are connected...

  • make sure you have a password on it, others might be connecting to it otherwise.


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