Would you prefer someone to be honest and outright with who they really are, or two faced?

We all know people who are liars, cheats, thieves, racists, homophobes, sexist, etc. you name it, but they tend to be under cover with it, putting on one face in the public, but in private they are the total opposite (for example, they know if they say sexists things at work, they may get fired, but at a bar, at their house, in conversation, they are totally sexist). Would you honestly prefer to either outright know someone is the way they truly are behind closed doors and in public or would you prefer them to put on a "mask" and give off the illusion that they are more decent then they really are so you don't have to deal with 'that person.'

  • I want to always see someone's true colors, and would deal with it/them accordingly
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  • I think I'd perfer not to see their true colors in public so I don't have to deal with it/them
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  • Personally, hiding it from me is far worse than if I saw a person's true colours straight away. This is because if this person did hide it, and I found out, then I would begin to question my entire relationship with that person - what were truthful and what is lies? How much do I really know this person? Things like that
    So really, its better to be yourself and not hide anything (ofcourse, there are exceptions in appropiate situations)


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  • This is a no brainer. I want honesty

  • I want a girl whose for real and shows her true self , i don't like living a lie with anyone i meet


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