Do you have a maximum tip amount when you tip a waitress/waiter or bartender, or do you use the societal standards to tip? what is the standard?

I believe where i live the standard that society has come to set is about 15% of the total bill. I have never waited tables or anythign, but i think that 15% is a lot of money.

also do people working in these positions make less than minimum wage? or do they just make tips?

  • I always pay the expected percent of the bill (list the percent in your area)
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  • I pay whatever I think they deserve for their performance, to a maximum of (state maximum)
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  • I only tip in special venues/locations or significant dates (as in holidays or something like that)
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  • I never give these workers tips
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  • I try to avoid going anywhere I might be expected to give tips. I'm poor myself but I hate making up for employers who pay low wages.


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  • I usually hang between 15-20%.

    I used to bus at a restaurant one summer, and yes, we get paid less than minimum wage. I got $5.15 an hour and I received a percentage *of a percentage* of what the servers made. I was definitely underpaid and there was probably some dirty work going on there.

    I could go on a rant on how flawed the American restaurant business is, but this video pretty much sums that all up. Essentially, you're not tipping to reward good service, you're tipping to make up for 1/3 of the server's paycheck that they won't get without it.

  • maximum 25%

  • I try to pay what I think they deserve. I don't really have a maximum, but normally don't tip more than $5 just because I don't make very much myself. In fact it is rare I can even afford to go out at all. I don't understand the concept of paying more, just because I order something more expensive. They did the same amount of work bringing it out to me either way. A few times my tip was nearly as much as my meal, about $20 but they gave VERY good service, and I can't afford to do that often.