Has anyone ever lost their dog and found them? Please answer I really need some advice?

I lost my min pin 3 days ago... Iv'e seen him twice, and both times he was acting weird and skittish. He's not neutered, he's tried humping my other spayed dog, and even my nephew. Iv'e come to think that the main reason he escaped was to find some females in heat.

The places Iv'e seen him were about 1.6 miles apart in a days time. Both were populated with other dogs.

I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to ask here, all I know that is Google and Bing have some terrible information about where stray dogs go, how far, what time they sleep and are active etc.

Anyone ever find their dog? How long? How far? Did you see them in the same spot twice?

Thank you, as I will appreciate any answers.. Iv'e drove around for hours and hours straight, walked hours and hours looking for him.


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  • No but I lost my cat and got her back. As soon as I realized she was missing I printed up posters to hang around the neighborhood. Later in the day, a couple of girls saw one of the posters and decided to go looking for her. They found her and brought her back.

    You're probably right about his looking for some ladies. Sounds like he's pretty horned up and dogs can do some crazy things then which is why it's so important to neuter them. It's hard to say where he would be now. If he's looking to mate though he's probably not sticking around to the same area unless he finds a female. The only thing you can do is look around for him, hang up posters with his picture, and contact the local shelters to see if anyone's brought in a dog that matches his description.


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  • You best bet is to hope that someone called the dog pound to pick him up my #son. Cause he could be anywhere just like my dogs commonly are once they escaped ^_^


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  • I really do hope you find him.
    Do you have any idea if he knows his way back to the house?
    Like when you have walked him, does he walk in front of you, pulling you towards its direction?

  • Why didn't you grab him when you saw him? My dog runs off sometimes and I walk up and down the neighborhood crying looking for her, and then she just pops up walking down the street. Always a different place. I think she just likes to explore. She has never come home on her own because I don't give her a chance to, I always go out and look for her. Go look around where you have walked him in the past, especially if he gets really antsy and likes a certain street.

    • Was not my dog. Gf's mom's dog rolled down the window, because she left in the car real quick to run into the convenient store. I was not present at the time.

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