Why should white people apologise for slavery?

Why should we apologise for something we AREN'T responsible for?


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  • at least we know that politics isn't for u.

    • Sure, politics doesn't interest me.

      I doubt you have any expertise anyway.

    • a predictable response considering what i was just doing.

    • lol... okaaaaaaay! :*

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  • We shouldn't apologize. Ever. For anything.
    It's called Social Darwinism, you know. Might is right. Survival of the fittest.
    We Whites were stronger, more technologically advanced; superior overall. So we colonized and enslaved them. Not just Blacks. We conquered and enslaved the whole world.
    And that's it. Should we apologize for being superior? Apologize for being able to do what we did, because of our greatness? No, that'd be pathetic.

    We even have superior looks. Every non-white man wants a white, blonde, blue eyed girl, and every non-white women wants a white, blonde, blue eyed guy.

    We Whites are on top of the food chain. We are gods on Earth.

    • Except in the West, they still chop off parts of male genitals like in some African tribes and the Middle Eastern extremist region (I mean really, if your religions make you mutilate your own children, then you're an extremist), and we don't even really compare against the technological advancements in Japan.

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  • No one has asked you to apologise for it. Just acknowledge that slavery is why you are in the position that you are today and that it's effects still plague the back community.

    • "Just acknowledge that slavery is why you are in the position that you are today and that it's effects still plague the back community." HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!

    • You seem easily amused.

    • lol...

  • still waiting for Americans to realize what they did to the natives was messed up

  • Then if that your logic, why should the Turkish apologize from the Armenians, why should the German apologize from the Jewish, why should anyone apologize for anything that they were not responsible for..


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  • i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif I don't want your apology or anything. Hell, why should you have to say "sorry/pay" for something your "ancestor did" anyway?

    But I will say this "plz don't act like it didn't happen + still isn't happening today just in a different form" HAHAH

  • Good question actually, it has been many many years. And it is no longer relevant.

    • Some people think we should be paying reparations too...

  • I mean the slavic people of eastern Europe were the largest slave group for the Eastern Roman Empire... so I guess white people have to apologize to each other for slavery? (thats where the latin Esclavos, "slaves" came from the slavs".

    • it was actually the venetians who captured and sold the record number of slavs. The romans had mostly Germanic slaves, but also African, Arabic, greek

  • No one has asked you to apologise

  • I don't want your pathetic apology, just the acknowledge meant that slavery is the reason things are as they are today.

    • "pathetic apology" ... sums you up as a person lol GG.

    • Saying GG, really, what are you, 12?

  • because black people need to get over the chip on their shoulder..

    yep this is racist, but meh, i'm not white.

  • Last check no one asking for you to apologize

  • Its called white blindness, many are just blind to how privileged it is simply to be white. Racism and direct influences from past wrongs are not longer so clear, but still very real and even worse because white don't think they exist...

  • The thing I think is really amusing is the average 'black' person in America is genetically 30% European. And it's a pretty solid bet that 30% came overwhelmingly from white slaveholders. So while the overwhelming majority of 'whites' are not descended from anyone who owned a slave (most were either in the North or came over after the civil war) most 'blacks' probably are.

    I guess they can stand in front of a mirror and apologize to themselves.

  • The better question is why no one is educated on the muslim slave trade that predates the Atlantic slave trade by a number of centuries and still continues today.

    The Islamic slave trade began when the Arabs moved into northern Africa and using the Africans. In fact Saudi Arabia only outlawed it in 1974 due to pressures from Europe but only took it underground. It still continues today in much of northern Africa

  • Because Blacks still think we're living in the old days and can't get over it.

    • read a book bro

    • @HipHop-Kid-UK
      Or move on with your life and stop crediting for what your ancestors experienced.

    • @HipHop-Kid-UK the fact that you have to read a book about it to know about it is an indicator that it is no longer actually relevant.

  • If black people will apologise for savagery, then we'll apologise for slavery.

    • LOL you got issues

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    • black got their *

    • savagery? pretty sure white people own savagery on a level by themselves. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, hitler, stalin, what the did to the Indians, slavery, I could continue

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