Radical vrs regular feminism sources?

This question is for the feminist out there. I'm willing to learn, and would like some literature about moderate feminism. One of my problems with the movement is that many sources that are quoted as being "what feminist think" have also been qoted in other places and have been dismissed as "radical feminism." Same sources, and it's hard for an outsider to sepperate the two. So help me out, give me a solid source (with links, preferably) of strictly feminist thoight without the radical stuff. Who would you recommend I read?


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  • I'm not well versed on feminism, but I think that part of the problem is that people are using Internet yahoos as sources of information. Saying you're a feminist isn't saying you're a doctor or police officer - you don't necessarily need to be trained and legally endorsed.

    So... both intelligent people and morons have the right to express their opinions and the web makes it super easy. Now, many media outlets are using controversial statements as click bait to attract advertisers, polarizing everyone.

    This goes for pretty much every topic.

    • True, but I'm talking about publicity statements by groups like NOW, recognized authors such as Margaret Atwood, people who are the voice of feminism. Some of what they say make a lot of sense others... not so much. It's confusing to me.

  • Regular is better.


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