Did she just want an excuse to get my attention/talk to me again?

Me and this girl met months ago and considering dating but her ex found out and it prevented us from going any further. We've sitll kept in touch and we still enjoy being around eachother. Recently we went to a concert and we were grinding on each other for a good 30 minutes and she was definitely enjoying it and she was recipricating (leaning, touching, smiling, complimenting how good i looked that night). Well she texts me a week later (i just didn't want to talk to her becuse she lied to me) and said that grinding on her during the concert was not cool at all and i should have did that cause we're "just friends". Even though in the past weve kissed, touched on dates etc. I texted her bck telling me that's immature because she couldve told me she didn't like that or told me on our way back from the concert? Is she just upset because haven't talked to her since? Wanting my attention again? (she is the type of girl that really enjoys attention). Or could she actually be mad?


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  • She's probably trying to make it seem likes its her choice and not urs. Trying to make it look like she had the upper hand. She probably feels like she got rejected.

    • That makes sense. She's the type that always wants to be the one in charge and everything is up to her. What do you think I should do?

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    • you gotta do what you think is best for you, ya kno. she obviously doesn't make u feel very good. thats not fair to you at all.

    • you're right.

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