US presidents - Glass ceilings?

Barrack Obama was the first black president, if Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 she will be first woman president. What way do you see the glass ceilings falling after that (assuming Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 , If Hillary doesn't win I think a hispanic may beat a woman to next glass ceiling falling ) I think hispanic, black woman, Hispanic woman, Asian, Asian woman, openly gay man/woman, non christian man/woman, non religious man/woman and maybe in a long time transgender


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  • Unfortunately no, having a black president didn't do anything in the way of helping the African American struggle. Corporate America is still very much a men's club and women are often excluded from social outings.

    • I agree I don't think we will ever see a president who is not in someway owned in office.

    • thanks for the MHO!

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  • Usually a presidential candidate is representative of that countrys people , so I never know what to expect being in this country since we have so much of every type here, but even women probably won't vote for a woman so who knows

    • It is a tough one to predict - As I said earlier on these days I think it is more about marketability than political prowess

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  • I wasn't even going to vote, but I'm going to vote for Hilary.

    • Thanks for input - If it stirs this amount of feeling already it could be a very bruising campaign

    • Interesting article but I don't quite agree. I love that it mentions how the NPO with a humanitarian mission provides her luxury travel and a visible platform... As if Secratary of State didn't?

      It isn't as if these funds are going directly to her campaign like the $1 billion GOP candidates are lining up to take from the Koch brothers.

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  • Kinda hoping that America doesn't base who they vote for on 'making history.' No need to vote on a 'first,' just the candidate who seems to be the most promising.

    In other words, their race and gender should be an afterthought when it comes time to vote.

    • I agree but Obama being black and Clinton being a woman did and will become issues since the Kennedy Nixon debate marketability has become a factor in elections.

  • honestly I don't think their gender, sex, or color should have an effect on weather we vote for them or not. you should go with who's beliefs align with yours, not because they are a social underdog. I'm going with Bernie.

    • If I was American I would vote for Bernie myself

  • to be honest I thought a women would have been president before a black person

    • I agree that one caught me by surprise but I am surprised that Hillary is favourite, I didn't think she would be popular enough, I thought it would be hispanic next.

    • a Hispanic president would have an even harder time than Obama, remember when he was first elected and every one was making a big deal about his birth certificate, that would be doubled


    • I must admit if I was American Bernie Sanders would get my vote

    • I really hope he wins. He seems to be the only candidate who gives a damn about the little guy.

  • Please anyone but Hilary Clinton!

    • Yeah I think it is going to be a bruiser of a campaign

  • A black transsexual lesbian president.

    • Imagine that campaign - It would more entertaining than fictional television

  • Yes... not necessarily in that order. The fact is that the US is way, way behind in electing very diverse people to high office. Other countries have been doing it for decades...

    • I think Obama broke the ice - I think that they will come thick and fast from now on

    • I hope so... for the sake of humanity.