Does college education help with your sense of well being?

I've spent my years after high school building my body and getting muscle. Never worked out my brain and I see the route it's leading down. To absoutley nothing but arrogance and insecurity. I honestly hate the bodybuilding/fitness community. Most of these guys are very uneducated and full of them selves.

I took on undergrad engineering and I'm finishing my first summer semester. Excited for the fall semester to start. It's just a comforting feeling knowing that I'm going to have good money and have a interesting career that will stimulate my mind for the entirety of my life. I feel like once I hit my junor/senior year I'm going to be a completley different person.


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  • It's not all it's cracked up to be.

    • You want to elaborate?

    • It's mostly non transferable theory and a fosterer of shitty attitude.

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  • The single thing that helps the most with your sense of well-being is to not let it be contingent on someone else's opinion. Follow your passion and the money will be there.

  • It does. Join a debate club if you want endless stimulation of mind.
    After all, nothing makes your brain work as hard as a good and competitive debate.