Help! Why does this girl act this way and how can I get my crush to like me?

I really like this guy at my work, however there is this other girl that works with us that flirts with him all the time. Whenever she flirts with him or is around him I feel like she acts like it's some type of competition between us. If she is working with him or he says something she has to come over and say something snotty to me about it or tell me some nice thing he says. It bothers me because I don't believe that she actually likes him. She has a boyfriend and I think she just does this (with every guy not just my crush) because she can. Every guy at my work seems to like her and thinks that she is extremely pretty. I have not once said anything to her about him or what he says or does around me or anything. I don't know why she acts this way. I really want him to like me but I am not as outgoing or flirty as this girl and she seems to know all the right things to say to make any guy like her so I am afraid he will whind up liking her and not pay attention to me anymore. Why does she act this way and how can I get him to like me when she acts this way?


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  • She sees you as competition.
    Flirt with him.


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