Do you think this is a legitimate excuse?

When someone disrespects another person with low self-esteem and tell them "I have never respected you because you have never respected yourself" (To justify insults towards them and mean words while the other person was not responding with aggressivity nor anger)

I personally think those kinds of people are cowards... I mean, this is taking advantage of someone's weakness. I respect everyone in time that they respect me personally...

What do you think of this "excuse"?


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  • It should be "you're an easy target who won't bite back and I put you down because it makes me feel better about myself".

    • Exactly.

    • yeah, it's cowardly bullshit.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • It's sad but true you can live someone who can't stand themselves. Its like having an addiction its not healthy. And it's hard to love people like that.

    • An addiction? What do you mean? I agree, but taking advantage of their weakness this way is just so rude.

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    • That sounds immature. I mean, in time that you are not flirty with all girls, they should not be jealous. Plus, if they care about what other girls would think of them if they talk to you, well, they simply don't like you enough and you deserve better. Kindness seems to be rare these days, so don't change and some day someone will like you for who you are without caring about what other people think.

    • Thanks have a nice day now :)

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