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The thing is:
I'm removing my acrylic nails for the first time, do you think putting another acrylic nails right before removing the current ones will damage my nails?
If yes, how many time do you think I have to wait?

im removing the ones i currently have because half of them are broken and 2 fell off so I thought removing them would be easier.
Also I want to get a new nail style (I got a round shape, I want something between stiletto and almond shape).

oh and by the way, which nail polish color is your favorite for this season? :)


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  • You are going to damage your nails forever if you start that pattern.
    I can't answer your questions in detail because I've never actually had acrylic nails. My mother never let me get them during my adolescence because she felt it was a waste of money and encouraged lack of confidence. So by the time I was an adult, I enjoyed my natural oval, long nail-bed shape just as much if not better than acrylic nail shapes. Plus if I grow my nails out and paint them they look fake. But I have had friends say that once you start getting acrylic nails regularly, your nails get so effed up, dry, brittle, and weak that it's like you have to keep getting them just because your natural nails look crazy as hell like caveman nails. Disaster :/

    Proceed with caution.


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  • I wonder what they all do!


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