I don't want to go to work anymore or finish school because I dont really like being around people, how can I get over this? Is this normal for some?

I work 40+ hours a week now that im on summer break and when summer is over I go to school full time, but it's getting harder and harder to be around or want to be around people because people are so judgmental now in days and I dont pike the thought or feeling of people trying to figure me out or me having to figure them out. Some people decide not to like me before even getting to know me and im a truly happy friendly person. I get compliments on how pretty I am but I really dont care about that because It still not enough for some people to truly get to know the REAL me. I hate bad vibes, and the feeling from it. I rather be a stay at home mom to my kids and not have to deal with or be around people. My boyfriend and I are working on our relationship & are best friends. I feel like that's all I need 😦😕 does anyone have any tips for me or similar stories? If so I would love to hear from you😊


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  • I hope you will give him sex, cook, and clean for him forever

    • What are you talking about? You're the exact reason I dont like people... ugh! Fuck off moron!


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  • I feel you I hate people I'm not a people person I'm super shy and I get annoyed easily. Im in customer service so I put on a fake face every day. When I went to college I opted for online only didn't want to go in there. I guess the way to over come is to be around people and build a tolerance for them. But what I've realized is it doesn't matter the number of friends you have it just matter who your friends are to you and what they are. You can have a billion friends and have none of them truly know you or care. I have basically one friend who gets me who's a bitch to me but it's all out of love and I respect that kind of friend. You don't need fake friends who pretend to like you only to be a backstabbing bitch or what ever. But yes back to my advice on gettin over not liking people build a tolerance for them and you'll be okay.


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  • Sometimes I feel like that's all I need too. But I can't stop thinking that isn't enough, that's why I'm thinking about opening a bakery or a restaurant xD I'm an amazing cook.

    I say if you saw it's enough and you were financially good, even if you stopped working your job then start doing something you LOVE besides being a housewife. Housework takes so much time itself but you will still feel better if you do something you love and make some money off it and you'll help the house too.

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