Do you ever just want to cry?

Like seriously, everytime I get free time it always seems to be spent having to help somebody, then if you don't help them they hold it over your head forever. It's either that or i'm spending a bunch of time having something fixed or fixing it myself cause a bunch of stuff I need is breaking down at the same time for some reason. Now the thing that irritates me the most is I always try and hangout with new people and make new friends, cause the two friends I have just aren't very good friends anymore so i'm noticing i'm starting to get lonely, especially since I have a small landscaping business so I spend a lot of time working by myself with not much interaction with others other than chit chatting with customers, which isn't much fun anyways. Don't get me wrong though I love working for myself I'm just tired of always having to do boring things like fixing my lawn mower or truck for 3 weeks in a row. Then I realize I have like no friends, and find its nearly impossible for me to get people to hang out with me and I wonder whats wrong with me that people don't ever seem to want to hang out with me. Anyways, I just wanted to vent. Anyone else have times like this? Normally i'm a very positive person, but I just feel bummed out and frustrated a lot lately.


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  • all the time...


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