What would you think if you were on a plane and someone did that?

I just came back from a vacation yesterday. It was an 1-hour flight in a small plane.

In the middle of it, one of the flight attendants dragged a problematic-looking young boy with cut arms to the other attendants who happened to be right next to us. You should've seen that. It turns out the boy was smoking in the toilet and got the smoke alarm on, then when that lady came to check he THREW THE FUCKING CIGARETTE IN THE TOILET and flushed it. They all had the same venomous tone and face a market employee had when they caught me shoplifting: wanting to beat the shit out of him, but can't because they're professional. They repeated that they made a million warnings about smoking in the plane and now I think he owes the company 1000 liras as a penalty. The whole plane was looking at them. They didn't like it at all, they all made disapproving sounds when we explained my aunt what happened.

Seriously though, what makes you think you can smoke at +10,000 feet in the air? How can you be that stupid? And he's still saying ''Wasn't it allowed?'' when he's being dragged by arm! No, it's allowed, everyone is looking at you because you're ugly.


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  • uhhh what lol.

    yeah no smoking on a plane who knew :P


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  • He knew it wasn't allowed.

    I mean... anyone would common sense would know that.

    I'm from NY and see huge (camera worthy) scenes all of the time.
    I'm pretty much immuned to the stupidity of others at this point.

    I would have just looked on and starred at the foolish young boy.
    I probably would have made a few comments about him to the people sitting near me.


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  • People are stupid and he was probably trying to get out of trouble by claiming he didn't know it was wrong.

    • There are enough signs and announcements to let Helen Keller know, there's no way he couldn't.

    • Well I mean Helen Keller was blind as well so that's perhaps not the best example but I know what you're getting at.

    • I meant that even Helen would notice even though she's blind and deaf.

  • Who the hell does that? It could've damaged the plane.
    Stupid reckless boy.