Hey I have a question about braces... anyone who can help me?

hi! so im getting spacers on me teeth to get braces in a few weeks. i have been extremely reluctant to get them because i am very self concious and very insecure. so if anyone can and is will willing to help me it would be appreciated greatly.

1. do they make your lips stick out? it may sound liker a weird thing to ask but thats my main concern.
2. does anyone really notice or I don't know act diffrent when you first get them?
3. how badly does it hurt? and for how long?
4. i am a cheerleader so i do get hit in the face an awful lot... how bad does it hurt when you get hit in the mouth
5. can you give me some pros and cons of getting then?

this may not seem like a big deal to you but i am a freshman this year and i think first impressions are important. i dont just have to straighten my teeth i have to completely reposition my jaw. so i will have these for 4 years because the problem is so extensive... please help me. im sure this will make a difference and will help me feel a lot more at ease.

thank you.


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  • 1. They do not make your lips stick out. You might get some kind of habit of moving your lips over your braces in a specific way, so they don't scratch on your inner lip. Can't describe it, but I've seen it on some girl. She was tiny and her mouth was tiny so probably the braces were a bit more uncomfortable to her that it is for me. The doctor will provide you with some special wax that you can run over your braces if you feel your lips are getting hurt.

    2. They notice. I have the ceramic ones from damon like these: www.owlorthodontics.com/innovative-technology-range-options-braces
    The elastics are white in the beginning, but if you eat (which you will), they get a bit more yellowish and then it starts to notice. But it's not that bad, it's noticeable from like 5 feet or less. Otherwise it's hard to notice.

    3. When you first get them your doctor will say: eat really well when you get home, then you might not be able to and YES it hurts.
    That soft part of the bread (don't know the name in English :D ) will feel like rocks for a few days

    4. Try not to get hit. You will get your lips split on the inside if you get hit hard enough. Also the braces (the ceramic things glued to your teeth) will break/fall and you will need to pay to get those replaced (at least I paid for them... that bastard doctor)

    5. if you really have a jaw alignment issue, then DO it to get it fixed. Jaws can get ruined if they do not close correctly.
    Stop with: I'm a cheerleader, I'm a freshman... Please. I had girls come and ask about my braces and how it feels. It did not hinder my chances with the girls at all. I even kissed some just to show them it does not feel bad at all. Not going into what happened next.
    As you are a girl, you can get colored elastics from your doctor. He will have a bag full of colored elastics (used to tighten the wire on the braces). They have pink blue black, white, yellow, green. (might be more colors). These are usually replaced each month when you go see your doctor. You can replace them more frequently if you want to.

    • thankyou so much!

    • You are welcome. When will you get them?

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  • 1. Not really but I have this picture of myself with braces a few years ago where my lips do look different than they do now. It could be the braces or just growing up.
    2. A few people say, "oh you got braces!! =D" but no one acts differently. Or if they aren't particularly observant they'll just ask if you got braces.
    3. Usually after every appointment your mouth is sore for a few days so I wouldn't suggest eating hard/chewy foods at that time. If the pain is pretty bad you can take medicine (ibuprofen or something).
    4. I haven't experienced that one very much, but I think it just hurts a little more than usual.
    5. Cons: those few days of pain and forbidden foods
    Pros: your teeth will be straight, your jaw problems will be solved, you'll have a beautiful smile (cheesy I know xD) and it will be well worth it in the end!

    Good luck with your freshman year!! No one will think any differently of you for having braces, it's a completely normal thing for someone your age! And just think, while you may have braces for four years, you'll have many times more years without them! Just try not to worry about having braces, if you love yourself then people will see that and love you back. <3


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  • Being a person who has used braces before:

    1- nope.
    2- your friends will, your coleagues too but the only different thing they are going to do is just say "hey you have braces!", and then they get used to you having braces after the first week and everything goes back to normal.
    3- Its going to hurt badly when you bite/eat. After a week that pain is gone.
    4- it depends. If you get hit really bad it can make some injuries in your mouth and even break the braces, but that is an extreme case (I broke my braces in a bike crash you see).
    5- Cons: Everything above.
    Pros: Everybody looks 10000x better after they take it off.
    I used mine for four years.

  • There award and first they don't really hurt you can get cut if your if hit in the face and kissing is a tad award some times but get it done

  • 1. No, I didn't find that.
    2. Na, everyone just sees it as a normal thing at that age.
    3. I think it was a couple of days my lips and gums were a bit sore but it wasn't that bad, I just drank cold soda and ate loads of icecream! lol
    4. I got a football in the face coz I played in goal, not gonna lie it hurt but it would have hurt anyway!
    5. Pros are they sort your teeth out, mine weren't bad beforehand but I get compliments on my nashers now! haha. Cons are it's a mild pain in the ass and it's slightly painful when they tighten them, but that's only for a day and the pain is mild.


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  • Braces feel uncomfortable when you first have them in your mouth.
    (They are foreign and you have to get accustomed to having them in your mouth)

    Eventually, (a few weeks) you don't really feel them in your mouth anymore.
    They feel more normal.

    Food gets stuck in your teeth much easier, which is why there is a certain way you brush them).

    And no, they do not make your mouth appear larger than it already is.
    And, unless the person hits you really hard then you'll feel normal when getting struck in the face (as a cheerleader).

    Braces don't equal extra pain.

    I think braces look cu

  • it only feels weird for the first two weeks, then you get used to them and everything is normal.