This guy was provoking me to the point where we got into a fight, well my girlfriend is not happy with me, was I right in doing this?

I'am a very nice person but this person kept bugging me for 3 years. So i had enough of his crap. He started to talk shit to me when i was with my girlfriend. So then i got in his face cause he kept saying i was "too nice" and was taking my kindness for weakness. Well long story short. I got so mad to a point my girlfriend never saw me that mad and kept telling me stop and that stuff then when i turned back she backed off cause she got scared when she looked at me. I did what i had to do.

In the car my girlfriend kept saying she was scared of me and she didn't want to hangout anymore and wanted to go home :( She began to cry for no reason in the car and I don't know why. Is it cause i got mad to the point that she never saw me like that? I'am a big guy and she is much smaller than me so I don't know if that had anything to do with. She keeps telling i should of been the bigger man in the car, What can i do to make her feel better? Was what i did wrong?


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  • Dude, just tell her you did what you were supposed to do. And before people come here with all of that "a real man doesn't start fights" bullshit, I'll just say this - you did what a real man would have done. You proved that you can be nice but that that niceness has it's limits. Kudos, dude.

    As for your girlfriend, I think it'll pass. She's just emotional because she hasn't seen you like that. by the way, women may instinctively like a man who protects his or her pride, so who knows what she'll do about it later iykwim

    • i'll talk with her about it and all that stuff. When i got mad he started to back off then i threw th first punch then after like 4 punches he walked his way off

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  • Well you did what you thought was right. I think she is afraid of your anger plus she never saw you like that before. Just comfort her and tell her she has nothing to be afraid of, leave it to her, it's a phase which will pass.

  • Guys who like to act like they big should be able to prove it. If he's constantly provoking and doesn't know his place he should be put into it.

    I'm not one to fight but when a guy half my height keeps trying to act like he's the big boss then yeah I'll let him know what's up.

    Your girl is probably afraid that you could lose it like that and is afraid for herself in case she ever gets into a fight with you. Let her know that she's not a piece of shit like that guy and so will never be in the firing line

    • thanks i'll tell that to her

  • At the risk of sounding like a pussy I get it from her point of view. Imagine hanging out with a buddy, twice your size and easily twice as strong, then he gets pissed and it looks like he's lost control, wtf can you do about it? At the same time as a guy I get it, some people need the shit beaten out of them because it's the only way they'll get the message. You should apologize unreservedly to your girlfriend and let her know it won't happen again, be prepared to grovel for a while but it's the price you pay if you wanna keep her.

    • yeah i will do just that