Is this a legitimate complaint?

My school asked for my photo so that they could make a ID card for me, so I e-mailed them my picture. Then they uploaded my picture online - not on the Internet, but on my online school account profile. I have a problem with this because I didn't give them permission to upload my picture. I only gave it to them because they said they needed it for my ID card. They didn't say they would use it for anything else.
I made a complaint about this, but they are not doing anything about it and seem to be ignoring my e-mails.
My question is, do you think that this is a legitimate reason to make a complaint?


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  • Do you have guards that check ids

    • What do you mean?

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    • If you mean a "Terms and Conditions" or "Privacy Agreement" or whatnot, no. You would think so, though, right?

    • Ya I would think so

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  • Yes, it can actually be counted as invasion of privacy. You didn't consent for that photo to be used in public.

    • That's what I thought, too. I feel it was unethical for them to ask for my picture for one thing, and then use it for another thing as well. I contacted the director of the office that handles that stuff, as well as the dean of students, but they're not doing anything. I don't know what to do. It still bothers me.

    • And it's also super weird that they asked you to SEND a photo. In all the colleges and universities I've attended and the current one I'm attending (I move a lot lol :D ) they always did it on spot. During orientation, after a tour, they'd take you down to the card center or whatever and snap a photo of you and them bam, they hand you tour ID. Or if you miss orientation, you still just go down to the center and they do it real quick for you. Never heard of having to send it. And it would bother me too because I don't like my photo being anywhere public where I can't control who sees it. If I were you and it really bothers you, I would go down there and talk to them, complain in person because they're ignoring your emails. You can see if what they did is legal in your state and use that as kinda like a threat. Don't say you'll call the police or anything forward like that, just mention how it is against the law or illegal and could have repercussions. (if it is illegal)

    • The reason they asked me to send it through e-mail is because I don't live in the same state.

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  • Yeah, I'd probably kick off if they didn't do something about it.


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