Do you do nudism? Do you support it?

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  • i m muslim.. yeah i support it..


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  • Please reword your question, cause I go both ways with this.

    I don't do it, but I support it. Well, I actually don't care. I mean, do you. It's a body, not like we haven't seen it before in my opinion.

    • Its 2 questions, i separate them with 2 "?" , so you can give 2 answers here.

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    • Not trying to be a jerk, just saying its hard to answer it when this question has more than just clear cut angles.

    • No problem, i get your point, i just can't edited now. So we can just explain in text our views.

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  • Been aired here a few times. My family are all naturists. Since mum and dad met. My bro and I were brought up as naturists.

    • It must feel great beeing naked and feeling the wind. Im not trying to be funny, thats how i really imagine. It may help to make us more confident in general.

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    • Hooray! :) The question the OP asks sort of skews the answers. You can not do it but still support it.

      I do it and support it... I wish more people did!

    • @Thebestyoucan True. I support it. :) Tks for the answer.

  • No.


    • seems legit

    • two questions, two answers.

      I don't do it. But I think it's fine for people that want to... in their own homes or other appropriate places. Not just anywhere obviously.

    • Yeeah i have the same opinion, maybe i would do it.

  • The only people who are naturalists should never be seen naked in public.

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    • Wow, why so angry? I have plenty of young attractive friends that practice nudism. I wasn't even referring to myself.

      Your qualifier of "the only people" is patently false. Sure, there are plenty of people that aren't too attractive naked, but if that's why you're doing nudism or naturism then you are doing it for the wrong reason anyway.

    • @Thebestyoucan I couldn't care less about you or your pitiful friends. Bye.

What Guys Said 2

  • I like my clothes their comfortable.

  • I don't do it in public, if people wanna be naked it's fine with me.