The legal approach - Light or heavy?

In life do you often feel reading the news that someone has got the wrong sentence because of the limitations of the law books. Would you prefer a legal system of skeletal definitions of illegal actions and when a criminal faces court the judge has free rein to impose whatever sentence they wish?
Or leave the quite comprehensive legal system in place?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have seen so many cases where the system is so flawed, where people get off by a technicality and everyone knows how wrong it is. Of course things like this should be improved. There are people right now sitting in prisons all around the world that should not even be there, and yet their sentences are so harsh that releasing them now would just create an uproar. I believe a case in the US for Leonard Peltier is like this. Some presidents have been pressured to release him but if they do, they fear backlash from their own administration or if it's too close to election time to put themselves in trouble. These types of cases are very difficult to continue listening to. On top of that, we've created systems where its main concern is protecting the accuser at all costs while doing nothing for the victim (s). How fair is that?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think leaving sentencing options to a judge would be far worse. Our police and court systems are clearly above the law as it is and have too much power over us.
    As far as civil and family cases go, it gets even worse.

    That's only concerning child support, at least in criminal cases we can have trial by jury. I think society needs less hierarchy, and more checks and balances. Decisions should be based on a legal system with written laws, physical evidence and testimony, and the accused should be judged by a jury of their peers. Our justice system isn't about fairness and justice, it's about business and maintaining order. Half of our laws on the books, are designed to allow for the collection of fines, and not for public safety. Though a bullshit public safety excuse will be given.


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