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So I've been on and off with this chick because she fights too much, We were currently not talking each other lol. Now her parents are going out of state for 3 days and she will be alone. She texted me today that she have isolophobia or something and she have fear of being kidnapped lol if there really is any fear like that and she isn't making it up. Do that somewhere means that she wants the D? lol whyd she text me otherwise because we were kinda in "fight" since last month and I dont see whyd she text me for that. She dont really have that many friends but she still have few others she hang out with lol is it like another verse of "netflix and chill"? lol

I didn't replied her on that text and just got another one saying "Wow, really?" lol She looks little sexually frustrated there or something


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  • She may want you to come over and is using it as an excuse since she doesn't want to be alone in the house anyway but there probably is a phobia like that also, they have a name for any phobia you can think of

    • just looked lol she might have just googled it because last time it wasn't my fault but she still called me names so it could be because of guilt and now shee feel need to make up for it lol

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    • Sounds like an opportunity to me 😊

  • It's a real phobia but it shows she trusts you and thinks you can defend her if a break in did happen. It also means she might want the d

    • I think its more of last thing dude, Because whyd she trust me if we in "fight" already and she called me "sociopath" last time? lol

    • Girls think with feelings so she was probably trying to hurt yours. There's no way she doesn't trust you of she specifically asks you to stay at her house while she's alone

    • Lol I am wondering cos she's too egostic and yet she asked, Id say she probably do want D little bit somewhere there baha

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