What do you think about this poem about me?

She was so quiet, so shy.
But her brains and beauty, no one could deny.
Lack of confidence her Achilles heel.
Her heart still yearning, a boy to steal.

Strawberry blonde with blue eyes.
An innocence her age belies.
Never been kissed, always missed.
Self-esteem just didn't exist.

Then one night everything changed.
On a night out pre-arranged.
With a pal named Rosy,
And a large glass of Rose.
There they sat all nice and cosy.
A boy approached,
Their space encroached.
“Will you dance?
Take a chance?
Try romance?”

She took a sip,
Licked her lip,
Then gracefully replied……….

"Sssorry Mmy Hamster has died"

My stepdad wrote it lol ❤️


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