Can I still have sex with him? how is this fair?

please dont start judging your ass off i just want to understand this, I've been dating my neighbor for the past 2 years. its a great relationship and the most real I've ever been in. we started dating when i was 14 and he was 16. and we had sex after the 1st year. it wouldve happened earlier but i didn't want to feel like we rushed because i know we're young. i really really felt like i loved him so we did it when i was 15. im 16 now and he just turned 18 and and suddenly its wrong. my mom told me i can't date him anymore. i cried so much and he didn't understand why we couldnt see each other anymore. he said that just because he was now a year older that it didn't mean his feelings had changed. my mom knows we were sexually active and everything was going perfectly. what do we do? is it okay if we just date with no sex? how the hell am i going to look at him everyday? he's my neighbor for fucks sake and i love him. is there anyway around this? please i need advice


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  • Wear do you live

    • california

    • If your separated by less then 3 year it's fine

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  • You can date him - just don't have sex... He could get in trouble

    • omg seriously?

    • Yeah - statutory rape, depending on where you live and the laws there. Just like someone else posted, look up the laws. Luckily your mom already knows, but you don't want someone else reporting him. Although I'm not sure how anyone would know that you're having sex with him if you're doing it behind closed doors... like how could they prove it?

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  • Go on Google look up the laws for that stuff in your state/city if it's illegal th as needed either do it illegally or your single.

  • find out the rules and laws of statutory rape where you live.

    • Omg but it's not rape?

    • Statutory rape can be decided by the parents or the state. Check the laws where you live. Some states are 16 some are older some have rules in place for kids who went yo school together you can just Google it. If you lobe him you Dont want yo be the reason he's in jail or a sex offender.

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