Can I join a employment agency at 17 years old?

I live in Canada the GTA area in Ontario and I been having a hard time looking for a job I want a job so I can start saving money up for University and to be able to support myself without my parents having to that much like before (Like buying things I need with my own money). But I'm struggling to find a job I have had my first job at a co-op position but I never got hired after and I have apply to places I never got called back. So now I feel like I should just go to a employment agency to get a job. But I was wondering does it matter if I'm just 17 can they help me find a job? and also I don't want general labour I'm not that strong so I need a easy job like retail. Can they help me find a retail job?


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  • Don't. They take a chunk of your paycheck and if you make minimum wage, that will leave you with next to NO MONEY. The company I work for used it and a guy I knew only made minimum wage and worked 9 hours, he only got a 300 dollar paycheck. Go to job fairs instead.

    • I'm fine with minimum wage thou.

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    • Job fairs, not career fairs. You can also post your resume on job-search websites for free.

    • They also don't place you in retail by the way.

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  • "I don't want general labour I'm not that strong so I need a easy job like retail."

    Beggars can't be choosers.

    General labour doesn't necessarily entail heavy lifting.

    • Then what can I do in general labour?

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    • Well but do you think it would be ok if I was just 17 to join a employment agency?

    • I don't see why not. I'd check the paper and net for jobs first.

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