What do you think will happen when Hillary Clinton becomes president?

What do you think will happen when Hillary Clinton becomes president?

  • Bill will do a fine job of being president again and Hillary will take the credit for it this time.
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  • Americans will become so emasculated we have to ask Russians to help us open jars.
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  • A mouse will cause her to jump on her desk accidentally launching nukes at Russia and North Korea and triggering a nuclear holocaust.
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  • She will sell the country to China and use the money to buy shoes.
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  • The blood of her period shall drown all the infidels. Praise Allah!
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  • It turns out she was secretly Donald Trump in disguise all these years and the marriage to Bill was all part of his plan to get in the oval office all along.
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  • Zombie Apocalypse.
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  • Haha

    That picture is so funny. It took me a while to get it :P

    I voted zombie. The zombies will be sent to Republican districts and set loose. After the areas are cleaned out there will be special elections when all Republican politicians won't have any more voters so they'll lose. Hillary will then propose to drop term limits and be reelected for several more terms. She will hire male secretaries and have a a special place under the desk in the Oval Office... just to get back at billy boy. Anyone want a cigar?

  • I do not even want to think of what would happen but trust me I can guarantee you this no good will come of it. Also that is "IF" she wins don't count your chickens before they hatch.

    She's a horrible human being and a disgrace to women.

  • 0|0
  • E isn't even possible. she's definitely already go e through menopause. Also, you clearly dont like hillary clinton. And how would a zombie apocalypse be in her control?

    • It could come about as a result of her over funding Planned Parenthood and/or Big Pharm.

  • When? Naw, there is no when. There isn't even an IF.

    • I'm pretty sure the American public will be stupid enough to vote her into office just because she's a woman. Next we'll have to have a gay president then a transvestite.

    • You just might be right.

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