Where are there parties full of beautiful supermodels?

In books about how to pick up women, you always hear about parties full of beautiful supermodels. Where are these places? Do they even exist?

I go to the biggest clubs and bars in Orlando, FL and have seen nothing like this.

Do I have to be George Clooney to be invited to places like these? Do they even exist in the first place?


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  • Yes, you have to be George Clooney

    • omg George Clooney was on the bottom of the page... how funny is that?

      Have you ever heard of a place like this? Have you ever seen such a place?

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    • Facepalm
      The definition of a supermodel is a WORLD FAMOUS model like Gisele, Tyra, Kate Moss, the Victoria's Secret models, Cindy Crawford. These are legitimate models not some random person who thinks they can model. And they are rarely EVER go out with non-famous people.

      If you're looking for pretty people you can find them anywhere, even in a cave in the middle of nowhere. If you're looking for an escort go to a club or a strip club.

    • Tyra Banks maybe was hot 10 years ago. I see girls hotter than Cindy Crawford on a daily basis.

      Most hot models are not rich. Those are just a select few that got lucky for whatever reason. There are tons of girls hotter than them.

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  • Those parties tend to be extremely exclusive and have to have direct invite.

    • have you ever been to one or heard of one in real life? That you know for a fact actually existed? And who hosted it?

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    • Anything a little less exclusive than the playboy mansion? Something that a person like me might have a chance at getting into? Probably not, huh? Unless I become really rich and can start my own.

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  • I live in Orlando too! I've never heard of such fabled parties though, I have a hard enough time trying to find girls that are even single.