What could this noise be?

Every night, there is a noise coming from the apartment above that wakes me up. It is a higher pitched whirring noise, like a vaccuum or some other small motor. It lasts maybe a minute or so. I also tend to hear it around 9 pm and I think, once during the day, but I am rarely home then.

its getting really frustrating, because even having headphones on doesn't block it.


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  • Paper shreader

    • It does sound a bit like that. Dunno why they'd be shredding at 3-4 am though. Hmmm...

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    • I think he's an electrician?

    • He's building a robot is my guess

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  • Maybe it's just some sort of machine?

    • I think so. Not only am I frustrared by sleeplessness, but in curious what it could be, too.

    • It's hard to say. Maybe there's a timer on there to make it on on at around that time every day?

  • I had that same problem and it was coming from the pipe I believe when they ran the shower or flush the toilet it would make a knocking noise.

  • maybe it's one of those robot vacuum cleaners that turn on at set times.


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