How can I learn to be ok with my body?

How can i learn to be ok with my body?

I stay healthy and active, i am slim so you don't need to tell me i can improve anything much. My issues are really completely ou of my control, such as small breasts, stretch marks are my major ones.

I feel like i need to get implants but i know guys hate them, so I hope to one day just be ok with never being pretty or amazing to any man, but to just be ok with being what i am? so i am hoping for some words of confidence.

Really I've already hit bottom on this, i do not want any rude opinions please. I only want human kindness at a time of misery and weakness for me.


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  • I think you are thinking too much about them. Personally I think small breasts are great. Stretch marks aren't really a problem, especially since the man will be paying attention to other parts of you. It will only affect you and him as much as you let it affect you. If you were my girl and I know you had a problem with stuff like that I would make sure to tell you how amazing and sexy you are.

    • no i would not cry to my lover about my shit hole depression if i was lucky enough to have one. But if he ever said anything mean i do not think i could handle it. Thanks for your opinion :)

    • The only ones who would say something mean are the boys among men. You do not need a boy, you need a man who loves his women just the way she is.

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  • you can get comfortable by subjecting yourself to public opinion. post a pic or list your dimensions..

    how small are your breasts?


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  • I feel you. I'm 15 and I'm not even an A cup regardless of getting my period when I was 10. I try and tell myself that I'm not done growing and everything will be fine. In today's society it is much harder for a girl to be okay with her body with magazines being flooded with models that look like goddesses. But let us be honest, the average person doesn't look like a Victoria Secret's model. You are beautiful no matter what anyone says. Whenever you feel like you don't like your body chant "I love my body and everything about it." I know it's hard and I am trying to battle through it, but you will get through this. Focus on things other than your body. Are you a nice person? Are you good at sports? Are you smart? Things will get better. They always do

  • Tell yourself you are perfect the way you are.