Girl said the sight of me naked is gross?

im hitting on a girl and everything seemed great, but today one of her friends was talking about snapchat and she said can you imagine X (my name) sending a nude? and then she said "gross!!" am i doomed?


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  • Sorry, that doesn't sound good :( Its not all bad though, most girls overlook a guys body if they actually like the guy, personality is key


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  • Well that shows a sign both these girls have a bitchy personality. Ditch them, don't talk to them again. Girls like this don't deserve male attention.

    • Go find yourself a girl that is not like this because they are not all like this and many of the great girls that are not like this are single waiting for a man to come sweep them off their feet.

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  • Maybe she didn't mean the sight of you naked was gross, just the idea of you sending a nude because girls getting sent nudes is a complete turn off! She's probably into you but just not comfortable getting sent naked picture ahaha

    • You really made a good point. The asker should take it in consideration.

What Guys Said 2

  • Fuck her, she was a bitch also don't send pics

  • may as well cut your losses now

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