Is this some kind of concidence?

I wonder if this some concidence or some hidden talent I can do. Well, this happens to me more frequently. Every time when someone tries to bother me, bully me, or anything some strange phenomenon happens. Like when my friend was trying to make a joke about me, then a football came out of nowhere and hit him. Then, when some kid threw milk at me, he end up slipping on the milk, and when some this kid tried to bully me, he walked away and a basketball had fell off the bleachers and hit him hard in the head. Is this a concidence or some hidden talent I can do? Almost like putting karma or something out of the ordinary on someone?


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  • I don't know for sure, but it does seem like something you are able to do often.

    • I know right. It's weird, it gives me a feeling like I'm flying off the ground.

  • Sounds pretty awesome. Does it happen all the time?

    • It did then it stopped. Then it came back like in July. I think it's still in me or something.