Why does he keep bringing her here?

My father has met this woman and he keeps bringing her over to our house. We all do not like her and she is loud and irritating. He's met her at this social place he goes to and he is apparently supposed to be her mentor to help her settle into the country however he is bringing her to his church services, his Bible study, he spends all weekend with her, he even brings her to any and every activity he goes to, apart from his work.
My mother has recently died and I got no idea why he keeps bringing her over to the house. He spends like all his free time with her, neglecting everything: including my brother with autsim. What gives?


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  • If your mother just passed away he's probably lonely and she's sort of 'filling in the gap'. Everyone has a different way of grieving and it's just his way. Try talking to him about it.

    • are you kidding? Talking to him about it? He gets immediately defensive and angry even if you say hi to him.

    • Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. Just try to give him some space, like I said everyone has a different way of grieving.

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