Suggestion for helpful police examination guides (Don't have to be free)?

I've taked over 9 tests for jobs in law enforcement and/or corrections. I've not been satisfied with the scores I have recieved. For some of the tests, I will recieve a mediocre score, make the eligibility list, and then wait. Recruiters will never reach me because they only take the top number of scores they need to fill the same number of openings.
The rest of the tests I just fail. I am a HORRIBLE test taker, and need help. It seems like every time I try to prepare in some way, I later find out that what I was studying/practicing was in no way applicable to what I am later tested on; thus I end up scoring low.
What's worse, is that most departments do not offer any option of test tutoring or preparation.
I live in the state of Illinois, and am applying to various northwest suburbs.
No need necessarily for you guys to give advice specifically on this, but generally speaking, has anyone here ever made use of police study guides or preparation kits?
I've seen a lot of advertisements for them online, but I tend to approach these things with skepticism.
If so, what test guide have you used? Was it helpful? Did it raise your score?


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  • I guess, study from your own test when you get it back.

    • They never return tests to applicants. I'm sure it's for some legal reason or creates some sort of conflict of interest.

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