What are all the different types of smart?

There's book smart, street smart, business smart...

Can you think of any others?

And can someone define street smart for me?


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  • Those aren't brain functions. Business smart is more a matter of focus and ruthlessness than smarts.

    The distinct abilities which fall under the general heading 'smart' I've noticed are:

    Abstract reasoning
    Spacial reasoning and perception
    Calculation, the ability to form chains of inferences

    I could probably find a few more if I really took the time.

    • I disagree with you that business doesn't take smarts. Ever try to start a billion dollar business? You would have to be smart on a wide range of subjects to be able to do that. It isn't necessarily ruthlessness. Maybe that plays a factor, but you can't force something down someone's throat if it's not a good product. Bill Gates isn't ruthless, is he? He made a good product. Is Warren Buffet ruthless? Is Donald Trump ruthless? Maybe. But he also knows his shit.

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    • how are they ruthless? can you explain to me exactly how Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are ruthless? I want to be like them.

    • Okay I just googled it... Bill Gates is ruthless because he created a monopoly with his operating system... but you have to admit he has given billions of dollars to charity...

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