What do you think Best Buy should give me for wiping my harddrive without my consent?

They said to bring it in to see if they can "recover any data" but I think that is probably going to be a bust. They were supposed to run system diagnostics and install Windows 10 and I figured eh why not since it's covered under a tech service thing. At no point did they EVER mention wiping the harddrive at all. For all they know I could have documents on there that could cost time/money so I think for such an egregious violation they should have to compensate me SIGNIFICANTLY... like to the level of another computer.

I got a $200 gift card... psh. Going to try to get more from corporate.


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  • They won't give you anything beyond a $50 gift card to shut you up if you complain enough. It sucks but there was probably a form that you signed when you brought your computer to them to be fixed/upgraded. These people put everything in small print to cover their asses if something like this happens.

    I'm betting the form said something like "we are not responsible for any loss of data on the hard drive" or something, which they aren't. That data is your responsibility, and you could have (and should start) backing all your documents up on an external hard drive or reliable password protected cloud service. However, system diagnostics can be done without wiping the hard drive. With OS upgrades, I don't think so but I could be wrong.

    Don't let these big box department store hacks con you into always bringing your computer there to be fixed. You can go to better IT people at smaller computer shops.

    • I signed nothing.

    • Okay then you may have a case as they likely didn't tell you about anything that could happen, right?

    • I worked as a geek squad double agent for a while. Don't laugh lol
      I was mostly on the road, but was in store on slow days. We made extra sure that we made people sign a waiver and told them like 5 year olds that we were not responsible for data loss. Either he signed something and don't remember or someone is going to have a bad time at that best buy !

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  • Your not gonna get another computer. Best Buy geeks squad is a waste. ALL they do is wipe out all your stuff and start over and charge hella for that. I had a friend who works on computer and used to work there. He just sent and wipe out everything and charge a ton for something anyone can do. Good luck.

    • Yeah if you go in there with a complex issue they have no idea how to fix it other than how MadeInAmerica stated.

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  • If you had anything of value on your computer, why didn;t you have backups?

    This is not the middle ages or the 1990's. Computer owners are expected to know about back ups.

    • Because no one told me to make sure stuff was backed up?

      and eh, mostly just games, photos, some word documents... nothing I can't get back, but it will waste time.

  • YOU should always back up the complete drive as an image file in case it all goes pear shaped!! At the very minimum, back up all your data, pics, docs, vids, contacts, bookmarks etc etc!

    Pointless installing Win10 yet, as there is a year to download it free if you are using Win7, 8 or 8.1. Wait until some of the bugs have been ironed out!!

    • You may be able to recover most of it yourself as it may be just a simple delete, which doesn't actualy erase anything, just marks everything as available for reuse. Put the hard drive in another PC as drive D, E or whatever. There is free software available which will search that drive and recover most of it, if not all.

  • Changes from computer to computer but I' be fine with 300 bucks. I back up all my important documents on Cloud anyway. I can always get the rest back.

    • You might be a different case, you may have had unrecoverable shit on there.

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    • If they give me enough in-store credit to get another computer that's fine. I have a # in my mind and it's close to the 4 figure range.

    • Let me know how it turns out, I'm actually curious if Best Buy would even close to oblige that number. This would be the first case I'd have heard of.

  • Legally I believe you would have to prove what damages they caused. If you can prove you had documents or other data can be proved to be of great value you should contact a lawyer and at least have them consult with you what your options are.

    • At the very least they are wasting my time... and I doubt I will need to take legal measures. Complaining to corporate will probably get me something.

  • Looks like you just got a brand new PC!!!

  • How exactly did they wipe it? By formatting the harddrive or was it just from upgrading from the old OS to 10?

    • It's basically like a new computer... they didn't say a wipe was necessary to upgrade.

    • Of course the new OS is going to make it like a new computer but that doesn't mean the files are lost. You just have to know how to access them. But that is the risk you run when you are installing a new OS you should have run a system image or recovery on a USB before taking it in their. Unless the hard drive was formatted the files are still on there.

    • @asker It depends on what OS you were using before. Most likely Win7, 8 and 8.1 will upgrade without deleting any data.

  • did you have any documents like that