Should I pay gas money lol?

So there is some chick I go on and off with all through year lol Yesterday her parents went out of states for three days and she texted me saying she got isolophobia, fear or being alone or something (She just moved there like month ago so might be that). My bro was out with my truck so I called her and told her to pick me up, she did and then we drove back to her house and I stayed there all night and well we ended up having sex lol pretty sure that was some part of her intentions lol (Shes too egostic so she maybe just made all that isolophobia stuff up) I got done in like 4-5 minutes and slept right after it (It was like 9pm) lol I woke up and asked for sandwich (I was kidding when I asked about it, she didn't get it maybe) to which she responded with slamming her bedroom door and then she got ready and told me that she'd drive me home and she can take care of herself now. We got in her car, drove back. She was silent all time and then when I reached my house, she lost her cool and started yelling saying how I am sociopath and maniuplated her in sex (I didn't maniuplate shit lol altho I made a move to make out which might have led to sex but it was on her will) and told me I was dumb douchey tease who only think about himself. I wasn't in mood to argue back so I didn't even cared doing anything and just got out lol and now she's texting me that she wants her gas money back? Baha wtf.

I live in montgomery alabama and she lives all way in dothan so yea it is kinda far but I was trying to help her so I think its not fair if I pay for that? lol altho its not lot but still.

Just texted me again that she need it now lol


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  • She's mad that you were a lousy lay. It didn't go very long. You fell asleep right after so I'm going to assume you didn't make sure she got off? Then made a joke the next morning and she drove you home. Basically she's pissed she wasted her time, gas, and sex on you lol

    • Hell, I didn't texted first. She did and pretty sure that isolophobia shit was made up. Ugh, can't believe I lost my morals there lol

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    • Yeah... she probably is. Only one of you got off. A man that's good in bed always tries to get his lady off.

    • I hardly care about anyone on there doe, Turned out she's psycho anyway.

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  • Damn bro, if it was me I'll just give her tell $10 and say that was for the sex. Lol

    • Lmaoooooo. Thanks for idea brah, woodreallyconsider/10

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    • I was fine not seeing her till she texted me and we did foreplayed, we made out for longer time than we actually fukd before it and I know. I was kinda horny cos I haven't got laid in like month now

    • She could have just told me "Give me oral" lol I might have

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