What to do when someone says really hurtful things to you?

I'm Turkish. I use GaG to express my opinions about Turks and Turkey that get deleted or bombarded with insults when I share in any Turkish-speaking site (like KizlarSoruyor, the Turkish version of GaG). But they still manage to reach me here and bully me. I've been called a whore, told to take his myTake denying the Armenian Genocide and shove it up my ass, been called a "teen kid" (in an insulting way, implying I'm merely an "ergen velet"), a kezo (shortened form of "kezban", a typical teenager girl who thinks she's precious and better than others), told I'm always talking shit about them, told I'm a wannabe that wants to be like Europeans...

"Go live in Europe with your non-European descent *laughs*"

"Fuck your English *laughs*"

I try not to show it, but it just hurts too much I can't handle it. It's a part of why I dislike them—no Greek, Armenian or anyone hurt me as much as other Turks. Do you have any advice on how the ignore those words and actually stop caring about them? Because I do care and it keeps me from enjoying my life in Turkey—making it a wait (4 long years, my whole high school life) until I become an adult and leave the country. Whatever racism I'll face is better than this.

Sometimes I look around and think this country is worth fighting for, but when they do this to me going away doesn't seem that cowardly and selfish.


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  • Lol I either fire back and bring them down a peg or ignore them. Not something that would keep me up at night hunny:)

    • I'm not like that. I care. It's not a single comment, it's my whole life.

    • Perhaps re-evaluate what you say. It would help. If you are constantly treated this way perhaps you are saying stuff impolitely or need to re-evaluate how you say things. People don't just attack you for no reason a majority of the time.

  • There are a lot of idiots in every country. Just try to stand up for yourself.


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