Should I get a Mazda 3 or Toyota Corolla? Which one is a better car? And more safe to drive?

Is a Kia a possibility?


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  • Not sure about safety look at the safety rating for each of them but Mazda are fun to drive

    • Do you happen to know which one is better? If you were to choose?

    • By Bengt Halvorson
      Aug 5, 2015
      With its redesign this past year, the Toyota Corolla hardly broke into new ground; but it did become a much better-rounded entry, with more features, a far more striking design, and a more comfortable interior.

      The Mazda3 is pretty much the polar opposite in this field, emphasizing fun-to-drive qualities and a more daring design over interior space.

    • Mazda 3 is my choice

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