Why do some people act so rudely towards black women?

Once a guy toshe me I looked like a queen because of my natural hair than shot my mom a dirty loook (she doesn't wear hers natural). He started talking about how black women are 'supposed' to wear their hair. I literally thought that he was so rude and disrespectful.
Not only that;however, a lady asked if my dad was white because I was lighter than my mom. I was so shocked, I apologized to my mom.
Why do people have to be mean to her? My mom and I might be different but people don't gave to point it out. I'm still black because my parents' are. Guess what? I was born with healthy, thick and curly hair! My skins going to get dark and beautiful! Than I'm going to rock my hair and skin! I rock my hair how I wanna too! My mom can wear her weave and do what she wants!


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  • Now lets say you have a capacity of 100 fucks. Would you really want to spend them on a guy like him?

  • Fuck that guy! Those are the kind of ignorant people you need to avoid


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