Would you always put 100% faith on statistics on s3xual assault and domestic violence?

These two crimes tend to go under-reported in the US, especially s3xual assault. All of us should know that statistics base their facts on strictly the REPORTED crimes that they've gathered. R@pe/S3xual Assault is often one of, if not, the least reported crime in America. Every one of us already knows that the vast majority of r@pe crimes are reported by women. But hold it right there! There has be a lot of studies saying that while the majority of victims are women, men are FAR less likely to ever report their s3xual assault and/or domestic violence.

Now, this is not to say that there are more male victims than females but to say that we need to be more aware of these many factors and stop revolving every single thing strictly on women all the time. Men need to start having their true voice on this issue an stop giving a shit about what society thinks of them and their manhood. Men also need to stop blaming all of the gender standards that they're still suffering up to this very day on women (when they've created all of the gender double standards on themselves and shoved it down on both men and women's throats) behind the computers and actually start speaking up and doing something about it.

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  • I agree. Men need to also change their attitude towards rape. The amount of times I've heard guys say rape is okay 'as long as she's hot', and even describing it as 'free sex' is despicable.


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  • No, I wouldn't trust those stats, not by a long shot.


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  • I would never put 100% faith in any statistics, since it's statidtically improbable that statistics are 100% correct.

  • Yeah sexual assault and domestic violence is under reported. I've seen both happen and not get reported. I've been sexually assaulted multiple times before and didn't report it.

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