Girls, Do you think i'm attractive?

No picture just some information.
1. Talk a lot (Best way to kill time).
2. I think a lot (I need more than 1 answer, I need more than 1 way to FINISH HIM!).
3. I fully respect those who respect me (Like total respect).
4. Man i love cleaning (It's so comfortable when you drive on an empty road).
5. I have some anger problems (You can piss me off 3 times, But the last one is dead end).
6. I like my work to be perfect (Anything i do i want it to be 100% perfect).
7. I'm kind (I can't stand watching a poor thing to suffer).
8. I hate when people touch my stuff (Everything i own, I hate when somebody touch them without asking).
9. I like to learn (More information i get, It becomes better to understand).
10. Work work work (I like hard working).
11. Looks doesn't mean everything (It's not about the look, It's about how much the value is)

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  • Yes! You are. :)

    I'm also 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Only problem we'd have is 5. I'm laid back, but when thing get on my nerves I blow up too 😅

    • Thanks, That is the only bad part... Being angry but i still can calm down quickly if the problem is solved if not, "Add more fuel guys!"

    • Then I don’t think it too bad. Everyone gets angry once in a while. It's what you do with the anger that matters. Some just don't let things go.

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What Girls Said 6

  • hmmm, some aspects i do like. but your poll makes me die. i dont want to say yes but i dont want to say no either.

  • Yeah, we have a lot in common.

  • i like all what you said especially the last point
    definitely attractive :)

  • I don't know, attractive but kind of sounds tiring being you haha, and I'm not sure I could deal with that constantly (;

    • I forgot to mention, When it comes to girlfriend or wife if possible... She can change few things :D or maybe everything.

    • Awh that's sweet, although don't change how you are - I'm sure you're perfect (:

  • Very attractive. Not for me, I would piss you off (very messy, kinda lazy) but attractive nonetheless. Like a well built table that's beautiful but doesn't fit in my house.
    You are power couple material hahah :)

  • its attractive.