What Are Your Pet Peeves?

Some Of Mine Are

Auto Correct
Dog won't stop barking
Power randomly going out
Grammar Natzi's
Youtube Videos buffering for no reason
Mouse wires not long enough
9 year olds playing cod
Getting pranked on a lot
Internet going out randomly

Tell me yours id love to hear them ^-^


Most Helpful Girl

  • I guess it would

    - liars
    - people who don't respect poor people
    - people who favour the oppressor over the victim in matters of injustice
    - people who feign emotions they aren't feeling to impress you
    - people who disrespect others when the person has not done harm or violence to you
    - people who assume that if you aren't rich you aren't worthy of kindness or consideration
    - people who gossip about innocent people
    - people who are in the wrong and don't care that they are in the wrong
    - people who are verbally abusive towards others
    - people who whine and nag when they are clearly in the wrong - such as yelling at somebody for not driving properly and then refusing to drive instead
    - people who neglect their children
    - people who dishonour or disrespect others
    - people who refuse to mind their own business
    - people who think being nice is more important than being fair or just
    - people who abuse their positions of authority or leadership
    - people who disrespect other people's religious beliefs
    - people who violate the privacy of others
    - people who brag about doing good things they have not done or refuse to do
    - people who use woman for sex or think they are entitled to sex
    - people who hate woman simply because the woman refuses to date them
    - people who think they have the right to abuse woman because they make more money or have more life experience than her
    - people who flaunt how innocent they are and pretend to be good people when they are actually very sinful inside
    - people who lack principles
    - people who make assumptions about others when they don't have all their facts straight
    - people violate the liberty, freedom of choice, or rights of others
    - people who tell gay people that god hates them
    - people who attack homophobes

    • I can tell you put and thought into this and the one about being gay means something ;)

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What Guys Said 5

  • I have a lot of them. Brace yourself. A lot of them are things I find really annoying, but I put up with them daily and just kind of disregard them... Unless it really pisses me off xD

    -Internet going out randomly.
    -Random buffers.
    -People Who Type Questions Like This Because They Think It Looks Cool.
    -Oar peepel hoo tipe questins lyke this!
    -Chewing with your mouth open.
    -Texting when I'm talking to youx
    -People who take the popular opinion on something, refuse to listen to the opposing side, and then call them haters/bigots/racists for disagreeing with them because the other side is "evil" in their eyes.
    -(This is more like an annoyance I have with myself) Getting a crush, whether real life or online, that will almost certainly never come true.
    -People on GAG who post duplicates, especially in the how do I look section
    -Now it is the word "fam"
    -People who's sole logic is "Because I said so"
    -For some reason, little children singing in musicals or disney songs bother me haha

    -My first roomate in college. Specifically his...
    1.) Swearing every other word, even when my parents would talk to him. I could deal with it myself, but I wish he didn't swear like that in front of my family and stuff. Oh well.
    2.) Hacking in the morning when he would brush his teeth, with the door open. Like loogie/flem kind of hacking. Disgusting.
    3.) Going to the bathroom continually with the door open. I didn't want to see that, or hear that as I'm walking by.
    4.) Skype calling with friends at 3am when I'm trying to sleep... Or skyping with his girlfriend and talking all romantically when I'm trying to sleep.
    5.) Tapping his foot/sliding his chair loudly as I'm trying to sleep. Rubber shoe against a tile floor = loud.
    6.) Stealing my food then claiming it was his 😡

    I'm sure I have more things to rant about, but this is what I got off the top of my head.

  • Smokers littering their cigarette butts on the road, foot path, in gutters, at the beach and dropping them out their car windows. Ugg... It is gross, why should us non smokers have to put up with their disgusting mess because they are too lazy and selfish. What they say about there being no cigarette ash trays is just a cop out and no excuse because you can buy portable ash trays that seal and keep all the smells in and most cars have ash trays and if they don't you can buy one all of which I think are not very expensive either. There are around 4.6 trillion butts littered each year and each one can take up to 15 years to break down, some say the filters never break down completely. Cigarette butts pollute water ways, kill birds, fish and other wild life, leak nasty chemicals into our water and looks nasty and smell gross.

  • Sarcastic people

    People who are self consumed

    People who will worry more about
    strangers than their own relatives

    Internet going out

    Power going on out all sudden

    People who jump conclusions
    without knowing the whole story

    People who make stuff up that's lies

    I can't stand haters, judgmental, racist people

  • Hmm anyone who are egotistical
    Grammer Nazies
    Uncaring people
    Fake people
    Beginning Philosophers

  • my biggest pet peeve is when something is supposed to work and it doesn't or doesn't work propperly


What Girls Said 3

  • Mine are:
    When people talk over me or interrupt me (sorry that I am so quiet)
    When people constantly want to talk to you as soon as you start reading
    When people wear their shoes inside
    DIRT >-<
    When people do not put things back or pick up after themselves
    When (mostly guys) do not worry about their hygiene and smell bad really bad
    Anti-feminist, racist and phobic behavior
    Sexist stuff when playing online games
    Drunk men who are also very loud (they scare me)

  • Autocorrect to duck 😑
    When things don't go back in their spot
    When people use my things without asking 😒😒😒😒
    When girls wear uggs and shorts ( you look stupid)
    When no one takes their shoes off
    When people don't use their blinker

  • Lateness >:(

    Loud noises

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