Based on my personality description do I qualify as confident or cocky?

I will talk trash on the basketball court if someone talks first and I'm not afraid to start verbal confrontation. If I'm playing well against some friends I'm not going to be quiet. I have a outspoken demeanor and I am honest with people and will say what's on my mind. If a girl I'm dancing with or talking to tells me I'm attractive I'll say" I already know that but reinforcemt helps". Overall I'm genuine in terms of I I have a loud personality and I don't change for anyone including adults. A friend of mine tomd me today if he didn't know me well he would think I'm a dbag and i hope I don't t give that vibe off.


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  • -Runs for the boarder-

    Yeah you sound cocky alright.

    • Is that a bad thing or do you like when a guy acts like me. I'm the loudest person in all of my college classes and I've awlays been a natural class clown. I can't change lol so I hope some girl likes it lol.

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    • Well sound pretty cool and humorous then.

      I thought u would say it with a straight face

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Cocky, definitely. If I didn't know you well, I would probably get the dbag first impression from you.

  • Cocky. Lol

    • Do you like guys who are outspoken like me or prefer reserved guys. I'm just the oodest person in the room type of person I guess lol.

    • Loudest. Not oodest

    • I like outgoing guys. Too Reserved are kind of a turn off

  • you are cocky. humble yourself as you wouldn't want a girl you could possibly be into was like that, and she was a stranger not a friend.

    • All together humble myself or just in settling with girls around cause on the basketball court at the college rec centre everyone talks and I adopted that behavior and its the culture here. I may be too overconfident around girls and I admit that some girl give me that look like who does he think he is. It's hard though i grew up acting this way and I'm 21 and it hasn't failed me yet.

    • Its never too late to adjust speaking to ladies.

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  • You sound like a lot of my friends haha

    so it's hard for me to say because it's just normal to me. I will say confidently arrogant.

    • I'm just a loud personality lol I can't help it. Women at my uni like my personality and I have many friends but I dknt want people who hardly k kw me to think I'm a a dbag lol.