Do you girls/guys mind a guy using body lotion (like sweet, girly scent)?

A friend of mine got teased a couple of days ago when we found out he is using a body lotion from bath and body works. I guess he forgot to hide it lol or he just didn't cared.

So I have been checking out that website and I think I saw the one he has. Anyway, my questions are:

- Do you girls mind a guy using like a body lotion that looks and smells girly like, for example country apple from b&b works?
- Can a guy actually use that without getting weird looks if someone smells it?
- Would you hate/mind it if your boyfriends used a women's body lotion?

Before someone say's buy mens lotion, they exist, I know this, I am just curious what people nowadays feels about this?


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  • There's practically no difference between the two. Skin is skin for the most part, whether it be a man's or a woman's. It's just marketing.

    It's perfectly fine, and it's good that you take care of yourself.


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  • If the guy smells good , then that's all that matters.;-; Besides those lotions smell amazing, so I would be happy if a guy I liked used lotion from bath & body works cx it's actually pretty cute. There is nothing wrong with it.

  • A co-worker of mine does this and he smells amazing! But he is also gay. (not sure if that has anything to do with it though)

    • well my friend isn't gay so gay has nothing to do with it ^^ just wondering if it is okay for hetero guys to use female smelling body lotion

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