Does placement of food change how it tastes?

I know that probably sounds stupid, because it made me super confused. I'll just explain

Some idiot decided they should put milk behind two 24 packs of beer instead of the usual spot.

Well, I went to drink some milk. Tasted fucking gross.
It isn't supposed to go bad until the 10th, though?

However, my family usually keeps it in the top shelf, and this time it was on the bottom
Would that make a difference? o_e


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  • Yes, sometimes.

    The bottom of the fridge is colder than the top, so milk stays fresher longer on the bottom shelf than it does on the top.

    Certain types of fruits and veggies should not be stored close together because they affect the ripening process of other foods.

    But a jug of milk isn't going to pick up flavors from a can of beer because they're both in containers. Yes, technically a lot of plastic and paper is porous, so over a very extended amount of time flavors could seep through, but that would take longer than the shelf life of the milk. It's possible someone had the milk out for a while and forgot to put it away quickly.

    Also, FYI, the date on the jug of milk is not the expiration date, it's the sell-by date. Milk lasts 1 to 2 weeks past that date depending on how cold your fridge is and how often you take it out. The reason is that the store has to sell it with enough time for you to use the milk before it goes bad. The date is there for them to know when it's too close to sell, not for you to know when it's bad.


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  • Milk?
    Ain't milk suppose to be refrigerated?

    • Yeah, like a shelf in the fridge?

    • WELP!
      There's only one way to find out.
      Maybe the carton of milk was just bad or maybe there's some other forces at work ooooooooh.
      Anyway... depends if you wanna bother with it.

    • I had it first night we bought it and it tasted fine then..

  • If the container was open to the air in the fridge then it could become tainted with the flavours of other stuff

  • You've been sleeping too much, Jordan.

  • no


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