Why is gender equality something you feel is right and support it?

Why do you think gender equality is the right thing to do? i believe women were treated the way they were in the past NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR PHYSICAL WEAKNESSESS BUT BECAUSE OF THEIR IMMORAL CHARACTERISTIC FLAWS and so the treatment of gender inequality is acceptable and is logical and well within the ideals of righteousness and justice which holds human society well and together. so whats wrong with treating someone who does'ent share their weight for society be given equal rights?
And what makes you think its okay to make social experimentation out of people for such a person.

NO I am not religious


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  • I believe in gender equality because I believe all gender are equal. That simple.
    I don't think women did anything because the hierarchy scale rules are dumb. If it's based on work ethic then based on racial hierarchy white people should have seen themselves as inferior. So I don't really think that's good reasoning.


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  • I believe in gender equality, but I don't believe in PEOPLE equality.


    So you want to be a female fire fighter on my team? Can you lift 50 pounds of equipment on your back? Can you kick down this door in order to save a life?

    If you can, welcome to the team. If you can't, get the fuck out of my way and off of my team. I don't care for your tears, or if you decide to make any claims of me being sexist. You either can do the job, or you can't, it's that simple.

    I take a very similar view to everything in life.

  • because i believe every human warrants the same rights in society.